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Ge: CO create with customers

the 2013 IBM Global chief executive research report shows that in order to seek innovation, more than half of the top executives want to open their enterprises, remove obstacles, and expand the scope of internal and external cooperation. Accepting customers as stakeholders will have a great impact on corporate culture and organizational form

since the GE China R & D Center launched the initiative of in China for China in 2008, this strategy has been

extended globally and become in country for country. Ge is keenly aware that the era of shortage economy has passed, and customers need more considerate personalized services

to this end, GE has established customer innovation centers in Chengdu and Xi'an respectively. Chengdu innovation center mainly serves customers in Southwest China, which is in the early stage of economic take-off. It is a gathering place for township medical, shale gas and oil and gas customers, while Xi'an focuses on lighting, water treatment and energy management. GE's relevant R & D personnel are stationed here, but this is only the shortening of the physical distance from the customer, the narrowing of the difference in consciousness, and the shortening of the intangible distance, which is really close to the customer

going out and inviting in

serving customers, Ge adopts the strategy of going out and inviting in. From the text alone, this is really an ordinary expression, but behind it is a complete planning system

going out is going among customers. It is a very routine practice to interview with the decision-making level of the customer or to the job site. There are gods on the scene, and various forms of problems can be seen on the scene. In addition, industry conferences are also a source of information. But these are not enough. A lot of information will come in intermittently, distributed in dots, and can't form a complete picture of the problem

a more in-depth approach taken by Ge is to eat and live with customers. Ge water treatment engineers have been stationed at customers for many years to participate in various activities of customers and fully integrate into their daily operations. In this close cooperation, GE's resident engineers can truly understand the needs and problems of customers

please come in to invite customers to create it together. GE Medical Group has an experience house. The R & D personnel make the design concept into a model and invite relevant doctors or nurses to experience it to see what design or process needs to be improved in the real use scenario, so as to better tap the needs of customers

another way to invite in is to organize seminars. GE's seminar has a strict process setting. It needs to gather some customers of specific categories on a certain issue. The discussion of customers helps bring out a lot of deep-seated information, which can't be asked by asking questions alone. In the seminar, all departments of Ge must send personnel to attend as nonvoting delegates. The number of personnel in the participating departments only varies with the focus of the topic. If the topic focuses on technology, engineers and R & D personnel will participate more, but each of them has a 1-arc-shaped end face door perpendicular to the central axis direction, which must be attended. This is an organizational form of parallel innovation, because everyone and every department has their own perspective, and the same way of information interpretation will be different. At the same time, mastering information and understanding the problems will help all departments work together at the beginning of product research and development to avoid the disconnection between research and development and the market. After the seminar, a summary meeting was held within Ge to digest and absorb the problems found in the previous meeting, which was the theme of the second seminar. Ge is advancing in depth according to such a process, so as to approach the core of the problem step by step

there are also some tips for organizing seminars and interviews. In addition to setting goals in advance, it also depends on the background composition of customers. If there are senior people who have worked for 20 or 30 years and young people who have worked for oneortwo years among the clients attending the meeting, the interview should start with the young people first, and then ask the senior people for confirmation after the young people have talked. If the order is opposite, the young people often don't add any more

as for one-on-one interviews or focus group interviews, it depends on the information obtained. One on one research is conducive to understanding specific problems. The role of focus groups is not to collect information, but to mutually verify a problem through different people, so as to judge the authenticity of the problem

Product Manager: the soul figure connecting customers and enterprises

there is a soul figure in all Ge strategies to approach customers, that is, product manager. The information obtained from customers is dot shaped, and how to put together a complete picture depends on the experience of the product manager and the marketing department. Zhang Bing, the high-tech director of Ge China R & D center, commented on the product manager that this position bears the responsibility similar to that of a manager, leading the whole process of product development and sales. It needs to understand the market, technology, production, finance and sales. It is also a new link between these positions and coordinates the whole development chain. Usually, after receiving the relevant market research information, the product manager needs to make a risk assessment of the project to judge the market demand, technical feasibility, development time and capital volume. After the risk assessment, the product manager needs to submit the project application to the decision-making level. The application must also include the specific needs of customers, stating what problems customers encounter and what problems they need to solve

the whole application process is reviewed very strictly. The reviewer will look at the experience of the team members who completed the project, the experience of the project manager, whether the data provided is solid, whether there are inferences and assumptions, whether the relevant collaborators have passed, what the priority of the project is, how this product forms a strategic support with other products, what the competitors are doing, and if the competitors develop the same product half a year or a year earlier, There will be great risks in this project

after the project is approved, the product manager needs to arrange research and development. After the research and development is completed, the production department needs to be introduced to arrange the production period, evaluate the production capacity, train the sales team, establish sales channels, and lead the complete chain from customer - Marketing Department - Technical team - supply chain - sales team - customer

product managers must solve all problems, so they need to have the ability to grasp the overall situation and the attitude of ownership. This accomplishment mentioned by Zhang Bing is also the expectation Ge places on product managers

in the Internet era, the only constant for customers is the ever changing needs. Ge itself is seeking change and changing for its customers. How to make its huge body light and how to make the organization quickly respond to the changes in the market is a problem that GE has always been introspecting. Not long ago, Ge found in its research that the decision-making process of the company's internal lead screw was slow and the development time was long. The management decided to change the current situation through the organization mode of fastworks

if you want to attack a large company, the early consensus is very important. In particular, these problems found through research often come from the voice of front-line employees. When the company makes changes according to the internal motivation of employees, people are easy to accept psychologically. Next, the management needs to make a strong push. According to the experience passed down from the Jack Welch era earlier, the company's reform starts with VP, and then goes down level by level, doing it while learning, until everyone completes the certification, and at the same time, it is also equipped with an incentive mechanism. You have to convince the elephant that it is important to dance lightly. At the same time, you need to teach it how to dance lightly with the lengthened three wedge clamp. Finally, there should be a reward to ensure that the elephant can continue to dance like this

in China, for China is an inspiring slogan in Ge, but it is also the integration of various decomposition actions. Ge is so close to customers

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