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Ge: in 2020, more than 50billion machines were connected to industrial interconnection

in recent years, GE has accelerated its return to the industrial field, and industrial interconnection has been proposed as the company's global strategic focus. In the past two years, GE and customers in various industries have cooperated in industrial interconnection pilot projects to jointly develop technology and explore new business models

make alloys. Then, what is industrial interconnection? In short, industrial interconnection is to connect people, data and technology, find problems and improvement directions through big data analysis technology, and finally improve the work efficiency and productivity of enterprises and reduce the overall operating costs. Yang Tao, general manager of Ge industrial interconnection Greater China, pointed out that the era of industrial interconnection has three characteristics: first, it is supported by industrial interconnection; second, it is advanced manufacturing brought by advanced processes and new materials; third, I just watched the connection between industry and industrial interconnection, promoting the sharing of global intelligence

50 billion machines will be connected to the industrial interconnection in 2020

Ge predicts that by 2020, more than 50 billion machines will be connected to the industrial interconnection. The goals, targets, tasks, and work affirmed in the plan this year can basically be achieved smoothly. Ge expects to earn $6billion in revenue from software services, a considerable part of which will come from the predix system, an increase of 50% over last year

it can be seen that compared with the hard manufacturing emphasized by industry 4.0 proposed by Germany, soft services are precisely the main characteristics and best at industrial interconnection, and also more in line with the aforementioned needs of China's industrial transformation. After all, it is unrealistic for Chinese enterprises that are still in the stage of 2.0 or even 1.0 to step to 4.0, because there are many requirements for investment and upgrading of intermediate infrastructure. The software of industrial interconnection can collect data as long as existing enterprises have infrastructure, and then gradually improve and upgrade with the help of data analysis, that is to say, industrial interconnection pays more attention to the optimization of existing assets and operations of enterprises

in addition, from the experience of China's cloud computing projects or big data projects, industrial interconnection is also more suitable for landing in China. After all, the rapid improvement in advanced manufacturing processes and lean processes is still very difficult at present. This is not only a problem of technical foundation, but also a greater challenge from people's ability and way of thinking. Compared with Germany, in addition to the gap in the production line, China uses different resins to make screw cleaning materials in the overall knowledge structure of the labor force, the establishment and control of enterprise processes, and cultural management. To a certain extent, soft services can help enterprises quickly make up for deficiencies, and there is no need for large-scale reinvestment in enterprise transformation, and business operations will not be interrupted

How are the 12 Chinese landing projects progressing

so far, GE has carried out 12 industrial interconnection projects in China, mainly focusing on aviation, medical treatment and energy. According to the materials provided by GE, based on the benefits brought by the pilot project, industrial interconnection will create an additional value-added of more than 10 billion yuan per year for China's aviation, medical and energy industries

ge's industrial interconnection products are widely used in the energy, aviation and medical industries. In addition to the above, the pilot projects in China also include customers such as Chinatelecom, Huaneng Jinling gas turbine plant and Wuhan Tongji Hospital. In terms of application, GE's main focus at present is aviation, power generation, electricity and power plants, as well as medical treatment. At present, some industrial interconnection projects of Ge are in the process of implementation. Ge, China Eastern Airlines, COMAC and local leading power companies have all started some industrial interconnection projects. Since Ge already has specific customer groups in many industrial fields, GE has started to promote industrial interconnection projects from these customers. According to the differences of customers' industries, we will provide them with different project promotion roadmap and realize it through special solutions, such as smart power plants in the field of power generation, equipment asset management in the field of medical treatment, smart wind drive technology in wind farms, fuel management and full range predictive maintenance in the field of aviation, smart factory solutions in the field of manufacturing, etc. The current status is that each industry has pilot ideas and controls them separately. Some are halfway through, and some are just beginning. In addition, Ge attaches importance to participating in the shaping of the industrial ecological chain, such as the cooperation between GE and telecom operators in data centers and cloud service platforms, and the cooperation with network equipment suppliers in the fields of IOT and communication equipment, so as to jointly complete the mode innovation of the whole industrial chain. Ge also communicates with relevant government agencies and various industry associations, participates in standard formulation, and contributes industry insights and best practices

with Ge opening the industrial interconnection software platform predix to all enterprises, predix is becoming a general software platform in the industrial field. At the same time, a considerable part of the customization space is also reserved to provide guarantee for the future sustainable development of equipment learning, artificial intelligence and other further upgrades

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