Most popular gifts are over packaged

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Most gifts have excessive packaging

the national standard on moon cake packaging will be issued in more than a month. This "slimming order" only says "no" to the excessive packaging of moon cakes. However, at present, some commodities in the market, especially those that can be used for gifts, are over packaged and tied with valuables everywhere. However, there is still no basis for restricting the excessive packaging of these goods. Yesterday, I saw in some supermarkets and shopping malls in Nanjing that a cigarette with a price of 460 yuan, plus an outer packing box, and the usual protection of the fatigue testing machine in the box. You need to know: with lighters and crystal ashtrays, it costs 620 yuan. The 250 gram Tieguanyin tea is packed in two boxes and placed in a set of tea set wooden boxes in China's plastic machinery market. Its value is close to 1000 yuan, while the same texture of Tieguanyin tea is mainly used in some manufacturing, metallurgy and building materials industries, and its sound is only in its early 300 yuan. A bottle of 52 degree Baijiu in a simple package costs 280 yuan, but Baijiu of the same brand and quality lies in a satin box, plus an antique wine cup, and the price goes straight to 540 yuan. Health care products should be equipped with brocade wooden boxes; Crystal gift boxes should be used for foreign wine, and gold-plated antique European gun wine shelves, bottle openers, wine utensils, etc. should be put on them; There are cups, spoons, cup holders, etc. in the coffee gift box. Depending on the luxury of the packaging, the price of some goods has risen. Professor Ge Shoukun, director of the Economic Research Institute of the Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview yesterday that it is not only the commodity packaging itself that needs to be "slimmed down", but also the profit-seeking production concept and abnormal consumption concept. The relevant person in charge of Jiangsu consumers' Association admitted that there is no specific regulation or standard for users to select more suitable products and equipment for excessive packaging, so the law enforcement department does not have a specific ruler to measure and impose administrative penalties. For businesses, there is no standard for them to refer to when producing, so it is difficult to decide which is right or wrong. (Chen Yongmin)

source: Xinhua News

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