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General letter of credit format

issuer: Guangzhou China... Import and Export Corporation

maximum amount: $800, 0 professionals also gave opinions 00 (eight million dollars, the amount of excess or short delivery of goods is limited to 5%)

this letter of credit shall be paid by the beneficiary's non compulsory sight draft issued by us for 100% of the invoice value, which shall be in duplicate and must be accompanied by the following shipping documents with numbers:

(1) a full set of clean and flawless, "goods on board", "Freight prepaid", ocean bills of lading made out to order and blank endorsed, and must be marked: "notify the China foreign trade transportation company at the port of destination"

(2) invoice (in quintuplicate), indicating the contract number

(3) weight list/packing list, in duplicate, indicating the gross weight and net weight of each box

(4) quality, quantity/weight certificate issued by the manufacturer...... copies

(5) the certificate issued by the beneficiary proves that the other four copies of the above documents have been distributed as follows:

one set has been delivered with the goods to the China foreign trade transportation company at the port of destination. One set has been sent to the applicant by airmail, and the other two sets have been sent to the China foreign trade transportation company at the port of destination by airmail. This document has been mailed within five days after the departure of the carrying vessel

the import rate of all diaphragms reaches 70%

proof of shipment: 800 metric tons (the allowable excess or short delivery is limited to 5%), each metric ton of tetramethylpyrimidine with a net weight of 1000 kg, a purity of 98%~99%, and a net weight of us $1 per kilogram C f Guangzhou port, including the packaging fee

country of production: * * *

manufacturer:___________ Ltd

packaging: the goods shall be packed in new iron drums suitable for sea transportation. From British port to Newport. Partial shipment is not allowed. Transshipment is allowed, but through bill of lading is required. The date of shipment must not be later than March 30th, 1993 and must be shipped by S.S. "peace". This credit is valid for negotiation in London until March 30th, 1993. All drafts drawn under this letter of credit must be marked "issued under letter of credit No. 846 of the business department of the General Administration Office of the Bank of China in Beijing". The Bank hereby guarantees to the drawer, endorser and legal holder of the bill drawn under this credit and in accordance with the terms of this credit that the bank shall accept the bill by telegraphic transfer when the documents are submitted to the office of the bank. All drafts negotiated under this credit must be endorsed on the back of this credit

document handling method: one of the conditions of this certificate is that all documents should be sent to this bank by airmail in two consecutive times according to the introduction of well 3 chemistry. The first mailing includes all documents, but if there is more than one document, one will be left for the second mailing. Once the bank receives all the documents required by this credit and finds them correct, it will pay by telegraphic transfer at sight. Please inform the beneficiary of this credit

special instructions:

(1) after seeing the relevant export license submitted by the beneficiary at the advising bank, do you know the working principle and classification of the fatigue testing machine? Then it will take effect with these questions

(2) a certificate issued by the shipping agent (shipping agent) must be submitted to prove that the carrying vessel is chartered or booked by Beijing China foreign trade transportation company or Beijing China chartering company. (when this document is required, the charter party bill of lading is acceptable.)

(3) the scheduled voyage schedule issued by the shipping company must be submitted, indicating that the carrying vessel will not pass through or stop at any port in Taiwan before arriving at the port of destination specified in this certificate

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