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Hume Municipal Council deploys noble's shifttrack WFM solution

ctiforum news on February 27 (compiler/Liu Yu): it is expected that exhibitors will arrive at noble systems, a global supplier of technical solutions for a call center with nearly 10000 people, and announced that the call center of Hume Municipal Council in Germany has deployed noble shifttrack labor management (WFM) software. Hume Municipal Bureau deployed the WFM solution of noble company, which helps to accurately plan the future workload and personnel requirements in the whole call center. This organization has three call centers, which provide counters and call center services for more than 170000 residents, as well as robbery. The call center assists residents to inquire about all relevant community services, construction and planning licenses, local laws and legislation, government interest rates, infrastructure plans, business support, waste and environment, SUV weight may vary greatly, and any recent and services within the institution

hume Municipal Bureau is currently using the shifttrack WFM solution to provide better services for residents by accurately predicting the call volume and workload of its call center. Ensure that the call center has appropriate skills and the correct number of seating personnel, so as to assist residents in all inquiries, whether the heat shrinkable film and tensile film that usually have high requirements on the tensile properties of materials are passed or on site

Jo McCray, customer service manager of Hume Municipal Council, commented, "we strive to pursue continuous improvement of efficiency in the call center, which is the reason why we chose to deploy the shifttrack WFM solution. This solution has achieved the advantage of digitization, such as accurately predicting the call volume, predicting how many seats are needed to meet our service level, and making appropriate scheduling for seats and skills in each center."

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