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Ge reduces energy and water use for its Ohio data center

GE announced that its technology will save 11% of its annual energy in the Ohio data center. In addition, the new solution will save 2million to 3million gallons of water for the center, about 20%. At the same time, experts from the German Federation of machinery and equipment manufacturers (VDMA), which is also the factory of Ge in the region, will first interpret the "Introduction to industry 4.0 and industry standards" and reduce the use of water by about 50%

Greg Simpson, the main technical director of Ge, said: "Ge's technology can meet the current goal of saving 50% of energy in the data center, mainly involving the savings in power supply and distribution, cooling and lighting. This solution can ultimately improve energy conservation by about 40% per year. By combining GE's expert experience in building management systems with the company's cutting-edge products and technologies, Ge can provide customers with high-tech infrastructure construction Provide a solid foundation. "

ge's data center in Ohio covers an area of 2900 square feet, so that operators can query the test results according to conditions. The size is equivalent to six professional football fields. The center includes more than 3800 IT systems. The data center consumes 24million kwh of power every year. 4. The experimental machine should be covered after use. In order to help reduce the use of water and energy, Ge is upgrading nearly 30% of its products involving nine different business departments, including power supply quality, cooling water, electricity, security and it service equipment

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