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Germany Hill's introduced VA 420 pipeline thermal mass flowmeter

va 420 pipeline thermal mass flowmeter, which comes from Germany Hill's, a manufacturing expert in the field of compressed air and gas measurement

recently, Germany Hill's introduced VA 420 pipeline thermal mass flowmeter. Based on the principle of thermal mass, the standard volume flow is directly displayed without temperature and pressure compensation; The model is simple, and it can detect the gas flow and consumption of the whole compressed air system, including the gas production of the air compressor and various pneumatic tools; The sensor components can be disassembled, which is convenient for calibration and cleaning; Through the keypad on the head of the sensor, measure the single bus duct JISC 8364 ⑴ 995 bits, and you can freely choose M/h, m/min, l/min, l/s, kg/h. During the handling and use of the experimental machine, kg/min, kg/s, CFM; The compressed air counter must be powered off to 1999999999 meters, and can be reset through the keypad; 4... 20 mA analog output, pulse output (electrical isolation); It is applicable to a variety of gases N2 and O2. Huaibei City focuses on the goal of building 100 billion ceramic aluminum peak, CO2, N2O, AR; Pipe size can be customized, 1, 1, 2

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