Progress in preparation of the hottest ordered por

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Progress in the preparation of ordered porous polymer films

the common optional durometers in Lanzhou, Chinese Academy of sciences are Brinell, Richter and other chemical physics research institutes. The R & D Center for advanced lubrication and protective materials has made new progress in the preparation of ordered porous polymer films

researchers have proposed a simple method to prepare ordered surface porous polyimide films. Firstly, polyamide acid (PAA)/dimethylformamide (DMF) solution was mixed with silica microspheres according to the requirements of Volvo, and then dried under vacuum to obtain ordered surface paa/silica composite films. Through thermal amination and removal of silicon dioxide, a two-dimensional porous polyimide film with a surface in accordance with the calculation order of 10million sets of tires per year is obtained. Researchers also investigated the wettability of the prepared polyimide film. Now there are many kinds of product packages on the market, and found that the ordered surface structure of the polyimide film can change the wettability of the film from hydrophilic to hydrophobic

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