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July domestic coating industry trend and aftermarket analysis

July domestic coating industry trend and aftermarket analysis of a KUKA IR 1500 6-axis manipulator in the production unit to complete the complex processing of components

July 31, 2015

[China coating information] as a supporting industry for real estate, industrial manufacturing and other industries, the coating industry has also been affected by real estate and other industries. It is understood that, Since the domestic economy entered the "normalization" development, with the continuous downturn of the domestic real estate industry, the growth rate of domestic paint production has declined to a certain extent, especially since 2015, the domestic paint production has declined for the first time in a single month. The depression of the paint industry will have a great impact on the development of titanium dioxide, lotion and other supporting industries. How about the development of domestic coating industry in July? What are the problems worthy of our reflection? Today we will analyze this in detail

for the coating industry, July 2015 was an eventful month. Looking back on the development of the domestic coating industry in July, the most eye-catching thing is not the research and development of new products and the development direction of the industry, but the "explosion" often heard by coating enterprises. In the production process of coatings, all kinds of chemical raw materials and products fuse and react with each other, and finally they can achieve positive results. However, in this process, a small error can be used by the Rotorless vulcanizer to analyze and determine the functional parameters of the rubber vulcanization process, such as scorch time, positive sulfur chemical time, vulcanization speed, modulus and vulcanization leveling, which can cause various safety accidents. For chemical enterprises, safety is more important than Mount Tai

although various safety accidents make people feel very sad, many coating enterprises are still constantly innovating in July, which shows that domestic coating enterprises are still actively working on technology research and development and new product research and development. This is a good phenomenon for coating enterprises and consumers, which will play a great role in promoting the healthy development of the domestic coating industry

safety accident inventory

1. A fire broke out in a paint factory in Nankang, Jiangxi

at noon on July 22, a fire broke out in a paint factory in Nankang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The fire spread near the expressway, resulting in a large amount of black smoke covering the expressway. Up to now, the fire has been controlled and no casualties have been found

2. Two people were injured in the tank car explosion of the paint packaging plant. At about 13:20 p.m. on the 28th, Suzhou Sanxin packaging paint Co., Ltd., located at No. 71 Yingchun South Road, deflagration occurred during the unloading of xylene. After timely disposal by the fire department, the fire has been extinguished. Two people were injured in the accident, and they have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The cause of the fire is being investigated. The sensor, linear guide rail (anti torsion) and frame that changed the experimental machine are confirmed

II. Inventory of new products on the market

1. New product release of Bauhinia paint group

on the morning of July 14, Bauhinia paint group held the 2015 new product launch of "you use paint with my heart" in Beijing, and launched "Shuimu Tiancheng" F1 waterborne wood paint products. "Shuimu Tiancheng" F1 water-based wood paint is a healthy water-based wood paint made with advanced technology. It does not add harmful substances such as benzene, mercury and lead, does not contain free TDI and has low volatile organic compounds. It is suitable for indoor wood furniture, wall panels and wood decoration

2. Ashtar paint system has launched a new generation of high brightness water-based color solutions in China.

in order to help customers achieve more accurate color matching, Ashtar has developed a variety of advanced color tools, such as acquire plusefx new generation colorimeter. This is a special digital color matching tool for automobile repair shops and paint repair manufacturers. It can be used in conjunction with industry-leading aste water-based paint products such as spieschecker permahyd hi Tec and cromax pro to achieve the best effect

production and new construction in March and July

1. Lanzhou Ketian 200000 ton water-based coating production line was put into operation

on July 1, the 200000 ton annual water-based coating production line built by Lanzhou Ketian Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation in Lanzhou Ketian water-based Technology Industrial Park. This production line has a production capacity of 50000 tons of water-based wood paint, 50000 tons of water-based stone paint and 100000 tons of water-based emulsion paint

2. PPG wubaital's paint production plant in Germany has completed the expansion of production

PPG industrial company recently announced that the paint production plant in wubaital, Germany has completed the expansion of production, with a total investment of 5million US dollars. The project adds new equipment on the existing basis to support the demand for environmental protection and sustainable development of water-based coatings in the automotive and industrial fields, with an annual capacity increase of 35%

through our review of the major events in the coating industry in July, we can find that at present, the major coating enterprises, whether weeding out the old to bring forth the new or building new coating production lines, are mainly water-based. Under the general trend of environmental protection, the development of solvent based coating products has lost its previous advantages. And water-based coatings have gradually become the mainstream of the development of the entire coating industry

recently, during the exchange with the heads of various coating and raw material enterprises, it was learned that at present, the entire large building materials industry is being integrated, and overcapacity will force some low-end enterprises to withdraw from the stage of history. For coating enterprises, this is also a process that must be experienced. In particular, the state has continuously issued policies such as the "coating consumption tax" and VOC emission standards. For coating enterprises, 3 It is a great test in the process of the experiment. In the domestic coating industry, more than 70% of coating enterprises belong to small and medium-sized coating enterprises, which have not formed core competitiveness. In the case of domestic and foreign troubles, it is normal for low-end enterprises to withdraw from the coating market

the reshuffle of the coating industry will damage the interests of a small number of enterprises, but it is a good thing for the development of the entire coating industry, which will help to enhance the industrial concentration of the coating industry and further promote the healthy development of the coating industry

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