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Transmission line branch successfully developed new lightning protection technology

on March 10, the live line team of the transmission line, which cannot be achieved by domestic enterprises, completed the installation of 220kV Xisha line #104, 220kV Miaoshi line # 16 and drum towers "th combined lightning rods" before and after #8, #09, #14, #15, which were struck by lightning last year. This is the first time that the "th type combined lightning rod" developed by the branch has been applied in practice, marking a major change in lightning protection work of transmission lines from imitation to innovation

in recent years, the company has always regarded lightning protection as the top priority of line work. Through communication, learning, manufacturer recommendation and other ways, the company has taken a series of measures such as installing auxiliary corner protection lightning rods on the whole line of many lines, effectively controlling the lightning trip rate. However, lightning strikes are still the culprit of transmission lines. 5. Insist on timing and preparing for basic cleaning and protection maintenance trips for such installation experiments. In 2010, it accounted for 34% of the total trips of transmission lines

this year, the transmission line branch still aims at zero tripping of 220kV lines, and solving lightning tripping has become the primary problem. After analyzing the causes of lightning trip in 2009 and 2010, the transmission line branch set up a special team to "reduce the lightning trip rate of middle phase jumpers in Drum Tower and JG tension tower" as the topic. After preliminary analysis, discussion on the scheme, drawing, contacting the manufacturer, testing and improvement, and mass production, it took half a year. In March this year, "th type combined lightning rod" came into being. "Th type combined lightning rod" is expected to produce more than 440 pairs, covering all 220kV lines gj1, guz1, SJ1, zgut1 and other double circuit Drum Tower middle phase cross arms and some JG tension tower middle phase jumper cross arms. At present, the first batch of 100 sets of "th type combined lightning rods" have all been in place. According to the requirements of the branch, the live shift has been opened on March 8. Otherwise, even the best antirust oil will start to carry out live installation for all drum towers with lightning strikes in the middle phase, JG tension towers with lightning strikes in the jumper, and five towers of the same type in the front and back

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