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Zhanjiang transformer recycling merchants recycle a large amount of

throughout the year. The main functions include tensile resistance test, pressure resistance test, bending resistance test: voltage transformation, current transformation, resistance to transformation after clamping of resistance samples, isolation, voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: power transformer and special transformer (electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, power frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mining transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, impulse transformer, instrument transformer, electronic transformer, reactor, mutual inductor, etc.). Circuit symbols often begin with T Example: T01, t201, etc

transformer is a device that transforms AC voltage, current and impedance. When AC current is connected in the primary coil, AC magnetic flux will be generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), causing voltage (or current) to be induced in the secondary coil

no-load current

when the secondary of the transformer is open circuit, there is still a certain current in the primary, which is called no-load current. No load current is composed of magnetization current (generated magnetic flux) and iron loss current (caused by core loss). For 50Hz power transformer, the no-load current is basically equal to the magnetization current

less materials

compared with three-phase transformers, single-phase transformers with the same capacity use 20% less iron and 10% less copper. Especially when the coil core structure is adopted, the no-load loss of the transformer can be reduced by more than 15%, which will reduce the manufacturing cost of the single-phase transformer and the use cost only by mastering the correct method, so as to obtain a good life cycle cost

protection mode

IP20 protective shell is usually selected, which can prevent solid foreign bodies with a diameter greater than 12mm and small animals such as rats, snakes, cats and birds from entering, causing malignant faults such as short circuit and power failure, and provide a safety barrier for live parts

dry type transformers are widely used in local lighting, buildings, airports, wharfs, CNC mechanical equipment and other places. In short, dry type transformers 4. Bolt wedge load tests should be equipped with: 10 ° and 6 ° voltage transformers below the angle M20 of wedge pads, which means that the iron core and windings are not immersed in insulating oil

divided by winding form:

1) double winding transformer: used to connect two voltage levels in the power system

2) three winding transformer: generally used in power system regional substations, connecting three voltage levels

3) autotransformer: used to connect power systems with different voltages. It can also be used as a common step-up or step-down transformer

rated power: under the frequency and voltage, the characteristic mark parameter of current transformer

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