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GM logo shyly

whether the items of edible soybean oil and peanut oil are GM products. After the implementation of this mandatory national standard, Yantai edible oil is still shy -

from May 1, the two mandatory national standards on peanut oil and soybean oil formulated by the National Standards Commission and the State Food Administration have been officially implemented; The new standard requires that edible oil and peanut oil produced and sold in China must indicate whether the raw materials are genetically modified and the country of origin of the raw materials

GM logo shyly

on June 1, we transferred to the edible oil sales area of major supermarkets in Yantai City, and found that more than 10 kinds of peanut oil, mixed oil and soybean salad oil were placed on the shelves. Only a few salad oil and mixed oil were marked with "processing raw materials are GM soybeans" or "this product is the processing system of transgenic soybeans", but the country of origin of GM soybeans was not marked. Peanut oil sold in supermarkets is not marked to eliminate harmonic pollution to electricity, indicating whether the raw material is genetically modified peanuts. The shopping guide of a supermarket showed indifference to this, claiming that he did not know any mandatory standards. Another supermarket's shopping guide explained, "according to the teaching content of our induction training, at present, the peanut oil processing raw materials in Yantai market are all domestic peanuts, and domestic peanuts are non GMO Products." It has been confirmed from the relevant departments that domestic peanuts are non GMO Products, but according to the mandatory national standard, this kind of peanut oil should be marked on the product description: "the processing raw materials are non GMO Products"

consumers should have the right to know

in the interview, it was noted that many consumers did not pay attention to brands when buying soybean oil and peanut oil, but carefully identified whether the production raw materials were genetically modified products, and then purchased them carefully. A citizen who was choosing edible oil told Yi, "most consumers are still wary of genetically modified products. Marking the genetically modified logo on soybean oil and peanut oil is the minimum respect for consumers' intellectual property rights in 2012!"

the right to know is one of the important rights and interests of consumers. At present, the safety of genetically modified products has not been determined, and consumers are increasingly concerned about genetically modified food. How to implement consumers' right to know has become an urgent problem to be solved. The two mandatory national standards emphasize that the purpose of clearly informing consumers whether the raw material is a genetically modified product and the country of origin of the raw material is to allow consumers to choose freely, purchase independently, and clearly approve, which is an important measure to protect consumers' right to know about the product

strengthen the management and standardize the market

consumers have the right to know the basic information of commodities, including commodity labels, production dates, inspection reports, and whether they have passed the "QS" market quasi certification. Merchants have the obligation to answer consumers' questions. These are the basic contents of consumers' right to know

after the implementation of the two mandatory national standards of "soybean oil" and "peanut oil" on May 1, the relevant production enterprises should produce according to the new standards, and the sales enterprises should organize the supply of goods according to the new standards. However, at present, they have not received the standard text of the formal implementation of the standard, so they cannot deal with the production and sales enterprises that fail to indicate whether genetically modified edible oil is in accordance with the regulations in the current market. Yantai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has begun to investigate the soybean oil and peanut oil production enterprises in Yantai, formulate plans, and carry out training on the two mandatory national standards of "soybean oil" and "peanut oil will gradually recover in the global economy in 2012". Those who fail to meet the requirements of the national standards after training will be punished according to relevant regulations

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