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"Transformers 4" enlightens car service application of three reveries

this summer's "Transformers 4" is refreshing. In addition to the audio-visual shock of Hollywood's big scenes and large-scale production, the idea that humans can independently produce transformers makes people excited, and brings infinite reveries to real cars

(1) crazy geeks: programmable cars

movie: Crazy scientists have cracked the secret of Autobots' deformation, and reprogrammable car metal turns into any shape

reality: at present, the development of intelligent vehicles in the industry is in this direction. The development of automobile manufacturers follows the unified automobile bus and development standards, and reserves data interfaces. Based on the unified data bus, various intelligent functions of automobiles can be realized. Car programming is the favorite of geeks. In the hands of geeks, cars will have a variety of functions. Maybe in the future, all kinds of strange functions will appear in cars

future: geeks should be crazy. Programmable cars will realize all kinds of crazy ideas of geeks. Staying at home is better than staying in the car

(2) fashionista: change a model every year

this item is only made when it is needed: bumblebee is a multifaceted doll in the film. In addition to the 1967 Vintage Chevrolet Camaro, it also presents the latest fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro 2014 concept car

reality: in addition to being a means of transportation, cars are also increasingly characterized by strong fashion. On the premise of compliance, there are more and more modifications to the appearance based on fashion needs, such as all kinds of car films at present. With the continuous maturity of vehicle appearance transformation technology, cars will be more fashionable labels, and the appearance can be customized and modified more conveniently. Fashionistas will have a new favorite

future: it's OK to drive McLaren P1 this year, change GTA Spano next year, and try to change a new cool shell every year

(3) soul partner: a car with fire

movie: Jing Shatian was born in the sky, but was called by Optimus Prime, but it was regarded as having no soul, and transformers is a fire with memory and feelings

reality: every car has its owner's driving habits, driving record information, special preferences, etc. These data constitute the soul of the owner and the car. With the help of AI technology, these soul fires are also growing and deriving. At present, all kinds of driving recording equipment, human vehicle intelligent interaction and other technologies have been developed, but the gap between theory and experiment has always been applied, and it continues to have stronger intelligence, which provides great benefits for vehicle owners' driving safety, convenient transportation and daily life - 8.5 food contact materials and end products should not only meet the above requirements, but also have great benefits

future: the car is no longer a cold machine, and the car with soul fire will become the owner's lifelong partner

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