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Wind power planning is expected to double, and the market space of local equipment manufacturers will increase sharply

the goal of domestic wind power planning in 2020 is expected to double, and the market space of local equipment manufacturers will increase sharply

an executive of Huaneng new energy industry holding company recently lamented that as one of China's largest wind power developers, it felt different in a few years. A few years ago, it was impossible to talk about prices with foreign wind power equipment giants, In the face of tough opponents, we have no right to negotiate pricing, but in recent years, with the rapid development of local equipment manufacturers, foreign capital has also lowered their noble heads

three local wind power equipment enterprises, Sinovel, Goldwind and Dongfang Electric, have ranked among the top ten in the world, greatly reducing the price of domestic wind turbines and enhancing the pricing power of domestic developers. At the 2010 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference held a few days ago, Han Junliang, chairman of Sinovel wind power, a domestic wind power leader, boldly predicted that by 2020, the installed capacity of wind power will far exceed the current preliminary planning of 150million kW, reaching 300million kW. And will enter the international market on a large scale, with the goal of reaching 50% of the international market share

the installed capacity of wind power will double in 2020

in the first half of this year, the national energy administration basically made it clear that the planned installed capacity of wind power in China in 2015 is 90million kW (including 5million kW of offshore wind power), and the planned installed capacity of wind power in China in 2020 is 150million kW (including 30million kW of offshore wind power). However, Han Junliang boldly predicted that by 2020, the installed capacity of wind power will be far more than 150million kW, and his personal prediction should reach 300million kW

according to the analysis of insiders, if this prediction is followed, the expectation of wind power market space will be greatly improved, and the profit prospects of domestic wind power listed companies are also expected to be greatly improved. In terms of listed companies, first-line giants such as Goldwind technology and Dongfang Electric will significantly benefit, while second-line enterprises such as Xiangdian, Shanghai Electric and Huayi Electric also have great potential

in 2009, Sinovel wind power ranked first in China and third in the world with a shipment of 3.51 million KW, and Goldwind technology ranked fifth in the world and second in China with 2.758 million KW. Dongfang Electric's shipment volume is 2.035 million KW, accounting for 6.5% of the global share, ranking seventh in the world. In terms of the Chinese market, the market share of these three complete machines has reached 61%, which is in the first tier. The second tier includes united power, Mingyang wind power, Vestas (China), Xiangdian wind power, Ge, gamesa, Shanghai Electric, Suzlon, Zhejiang Yunda and other enterprises

local wind power lowered the industry average price

UBS released a report in August this year, predicting that by the end of 2010, the price of wind turbines should be about 20% lower than that in 2008. The price of main products ( may fall more, reaching 25% or more, while the price of high-end fans (3 MW) only fell by about 10%. It is expected that the fan price will stabilize in 2011, but the buyer still enjoys high bargaining power

there is no doubt that the rise of local wind power manufacturers has greatly changed the market pattern, lowered the average price of the industry, and accelerated the development of wind power. The "China Wind Power Development Report 2010" released at the 2010 International Wind Energy Conference said that by the end of 2009, China's new installed capacity of wind power had reached 13.8 million KW, surpassing the United States, becoming the world's first country in terms of new installed capacity of wind power that year, and has become a well deserved leader in the development of the global wind power industry. Especially in the new round of offshore wind power competition, local manufacturers have taken the lead in the 5MW wind turbine project

Han Junliang said that the real rapid development of wind power in China has been in the past five years, and significant achievements have been made in legislation, planning, technology development and synchronous construction of industrial chain, which is obvious to all. WISCO, chairman of Goldwind technology, also believes that the industry has developed into a very comprehensive and fast-growing system covering parts, design, service and finance under the terms of "complete machine, otherwise it will not pass the acceptance" in just a decade, which has indeed created a world miracle. Wu Jialiang, general manager of Sany electric, said that China's wind power industry has made great progress in recent years. About five years ago, from products to technology, China had to rely on imports. Now, Chinese made products have accounted for the vast majority of the Chinese market

however, the development of wind power equipment in China urgently needs to pay attention to quality issues, said Yu Wuming, deputy director of the national wind power engineering technology research center. He believes that the service life of wind turbines is generally guaranteed to be more than 20 years. Judging from the current wind power price level and investment cost in China, it will take at least 89 years to recover the investment. Therefore, the quality problem is particularly critical

WISCO also solemnly said that the wind power industry is a long-distance project, and the investment income can only be realized in the next 20 to 25 years. Therefore, product quality is very important. The arduous task before our manufacturing industry is how to achieve quality progress through technological innovation and ensure the interests of investors. Judging from the current electricity price level, the return rate of investors is still good, generally 15% - 18%, and here, the biggest investment risk is product quality

local equipment manufacturers seize the international market

local manufacturers are not willing to consolidate the Chinese market and are targeting the international market. Han Junliang said publicly for the first time that in the future, Sinovel's international market share should reach 30% and move towards the goal of 50%. He also said that he would seize the international market in the high-end field of offshore wind power

European offshore wind power is sure to develop explosively in the future, especially in the next five years. Therefore, we are full of confidence in expanding the European offshore wind power market and are working hard to promote it, using technological innovation and quality system to ensure our service ability to European customers. We have launched 5 MW wind turbines, and 6 MW wind turbines will also be produced in the first half of next year. Our goal is to cope with the great development of offshore wind power in Europe in the next five to ten years. Sinovel offshore wind power business will achieve 50% to 100% growth under 3 experimental conditions. He said that we must succeed in the Chinese market before we can succeed in the world. But in the long run, if we do not succeed in the Americas and the EU, we are not a 7 Special surgical instruments and materials preparation technology is a global enterprise

Qixinping, chairman of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd., said: it is an inevitable choice for Chinese wind power manufacturers to enter the international market. As machine manufacturers, we want to go out, and we hope that more component manufacturers will follow us to develop abroad and improve their competitiveness. Entering the international market, we should pay more attention to product quality, cultural and legal differences, which is a common challenge for our fan manufacturing enterprises. Wu Jialiang said that China's wind power industry now basically has the conditions to go abroad. He hoped that local manufacturers would establish a multi-faceted cooperation mechanism to avoid vicious competition and jointly safeguard the world industry pattern

the market share of international wind power equipment giants has declined

while the international wind power equipment giants whose market share has declined sharply in recent years are lowering their heads and looking at China, the world's largest market. Jens Olsen, CEO of German wind power giant nodex, said at the meeting that if you can't succeed in China, you can't succeed in the world. China is the most important market in the world. We must find a good way to win market share in China. For example, it is a great challenge for us to participate in the construction of 5 MW wind turbines, but we should go all out

wolfgand jussen, CEO of REpower China, another German giant, said sadly that at the end of 2008, China's 30% market share was ours, but now we have only 15%, and this market is still expanding. We very much hope that we can get a place in the world's largest market

however, the international giants have obviously accepted the fact that they want to coexist harmoniously with Chinese manufacturers. We also hope to increase market share in China, but we must ensure sustainable development here. The Chinese market is very open and full of competition. We will compete with Chinese local manufacturers and hope to achieve a natural balance through competition

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