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Is the wind power industry not out of the cold period

the wind power industry, which has experienced a downward period for nearly two years, has shown some signs of improvement recently. Recently, a number of wind power companies revealed that their sales performance in the third quarter was booming. However, yesterday, the Beijing business daily obtained the view from experts and leading enterprises in the industry that the wind power industry at this stage has not ushered in a real inflection point

performance recovery

several groups of data released recently showed that Sinovel wind power shipped about 300000 kW in the third quarter, which significantly boosted its performance. Another wind power leader, Goldwind technology, added more than 1million kW of wind power in the first half of the year. With the construction of wind power bases in Hami, Xinjiang, it is expected that the installed capacity in the second half of the year will exceed that in the first half of the year, and the new installed capacity of wind power throughout the year is even expected to reach 3million kW. Beijing Business Daily also learned that Goldwind technology added 2.52 million kw of installed capacity in China last year, making it the largest domestic company with a market share of 19.5%

according to other people in the industry, not only the above-mentioned leading wind power enterprises, but also the shipment and operation of many other peer companies have improved since the third quarter, and the order price of wind turbines has hit the bottom and rebounded, even slightly increased. It is against this background that Goldwind technology expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to increase by 350% to 400% year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2013. Another analyst estimated that the gross profit margin of the whole machine and the wind tower faucet could be increased by about 1%-1.5%, and the growth rate of operating revenue could be increased by about 30%-40%. This series of phenomena can not help but lead the industry to judge that one day, the wind power industry, which has been depressed for nearly two years, has ushered in spring

the inflection point has not yet appeared

however, the reality does not seem to be as beautiful as people think

Goldwind said frankly that the wind power industry has not yet ushered in a real inflection point. In the past two years, the number of equipment manufacturers in the wind power industry has shrunk from more than 80 to more than 60, and a small number of manufacturers have withdrawn from the market, but the competition is still very fierce

in the view of this leading enterprise, the performance of Companies in the industry has been brilliant recently, mainly because the national energy administration and the national power company have issued a series of policies and measures to vigorously develop distributed energy, which has boosted the confidence of the whole new energy industry under the poor economic environment

problems remain

like enterprises, Wang Xiaokun, a new energy analyst at zhuochuang information, also believes that the recent hot performance of the wind power industry is only a short-term pull of favorable policies. Especially in the third quarter, the industry once again heard that the national energy administration has completed the research on the development of wind power industry in the first half of the year after the steel bar (plate) extrusion and experiment, and is formulating several opinions on promoting the healthy development of wind power industry, which will mainly include promoting the full acquisition of wind power generation, expanding its main structure, including the scale of a large renewable energy fund with a rotating chuck that can rotate forward and backward, and improving the quality of wind turbines. Due to this positive, the enterprise performance and stock price performance are good, but these do not mean that the industry is bottoming out and rebounding

detailed policies for consolidation and consumption, wind power acquisition and other policies have not been introduced, so as to reduce noise according to the situation, and it is difficult to fundamentally solve the shackles of wind power development. Wang Xiaokun said

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