The hottest wind power king shines in Nanguo Tiany

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The king of wind power shines in the countryside of South China. Zoomlion crawler crane Vietnam shows its talents

another 150 meter wind turbine has been successfully assembled. How fast

recently, at the installation site of a wind turbine in Vietnam, a country along the the Belt and Road, a Zoomlion Aurora green crawler crane stood tall and straight in this southern rural area to carry out intensive hoisting work

it is understood that, as the core hoisting equipment of the project, this crane has successfully and efficiently completed the installation of multiple wind turbines ranging from 120 meters to 150 meters with strong hoisting performance and convenient disassembly and transportation advantages, demonstrating the strong strength of Zoomlion crane

△ Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane helps Vietnam wind power project hoisting

at present, wind power construction projects in many provinces in Vietnam are in full swing, and the demand for wind power hoisting equipment in the local market is also increasing. With excellent product performance and good market reputation, Zoomlion crawler crane has significant advantages in the field of wind power hoisting in Vietnam, and its sales volume has risen steadily in the past year

it is reported that Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane, which has been known as the king of wind power for more than 20 years, participated in the construction of the wind power project. In the face of Vietnam's special working environment, this Chinese made equipment is not acclimatized, but because of its unique advantages, it is booming in the Vietnamese market

it is understood that there are three difficulties in this wind power project. First, the hoisting height is concentrated between 120 meters and 150 meters, which can be called the highest hoisting height of wind power in Vietnam; Secondly, the effective wind density in the area is large, and the number of days of wind power occurrence accounts for a high proportion throughout the year. The capacity of the wind turbine unit used is relatively large, and the abundant wind resources have brought great challenges to the hoisting. During the hoisting operation, it is necessary to wait for the fleeting window period in the continuous strong wind; Third, the construction time is in the rainy season in Vietnam, and the superposition of multiple factors has brought a great test to the performance of lifting equipment

how to deal with these challenges? Click the "valve port reset" button on the main interface to fight according to different purposes? Li Mi, Yuetai regional manager of Zoomlion engineering crane company, said: zcc9800w has been tested by the market for a long time and can easily cope with the current working conditions in terms of lifting performance and lifting height. The product adopts the domestic first multi variable diameter combined boom, with a maximum length of 178 meters, a maximum lifting height of 180 meters, a maximum lifting weight of 180 tons, and a load capacity of 180 tons at a height of 147 meters. The lifting performance is far stronger than other brands of the same type of equipment, which can fully meet the fan hoisting in this project

at the same time, the efficient assembly of the equipment can calmly cope with the window period. Li mi said that it is very important for wind power hoisting to grasp the window period that meets the operation standards, which is not only the need to ensure safety, but also the key to improve benefits for customers. The maximum weight of a single piece of zcc9800w crawler crane does not exceed 40 tons, which is convenient for transportation; The whole machine can be assembled within 24 hours, and the installation is efficient. In addition, the product does not need to carry super lift counterweight, which further reduces the operating cost

△ Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane helps Vietnam wind power project hoisting

localization service is another reason why Zoomlion products are favored by local customers in Vietnam. In order to provide convenience for customers to the greatest extent, Zoomlion has localized the zcc9800w from many aspects. It is reported that before the equipment leaves the factory, Zoomlion switched the screen, keys, lifting weight table, operation manual and technical specifications of the equipment into Vietnamese. The layout of the equipment's operation interface was standardized, and the system was all translated into Vietnamese, which was convenient and familiar for customers

not only that, in order to make the service follow-up in time, when the local operators in Vietnam cannot go to China for training, we sent a technical service team to enter the country in advance to carry out relevant operation training for the Vietnamese operators, Li mi said

customers highly appreciated Zoomlion's considerate and extreme service; It also won the first opportunity for Zoomlion in the Southeast Asian market

Vietnam has huge renewable energy potential, with a total wind energy potential of 7000 to 8700 MW. According to the general plan for power development formulated by the Ministry of industry of Vietnam, the total capacity of wind power generation in Vietnam will reach 2000 MW in 202 years, and the market development space is huge. Zoomlion has turned more and more Aurora green into local scenic spots with its extreme service and excellent products, and has become a new business card for China's high-end equipment manufacturing. At present, many orders have been received, and many 800 ton cranes will be sent to Vietnam in succession, Li mi said

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