The hottest wind power industry is struggling to r

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The wind power industry is struggling to recover.

the once stagnant wind power industry began to hit the bottom and rebound

we have just delivered a large number of orders to famous wind power enterprises such as Goldwind technology when the stress reaches the highest point. Zheng Qinghao, President of Weitu company, a cabinet system manufacturer, told this newspaper that in his view, China's original plan was to have an installed capacity of 200 GW of wind power in 2020, but the current development momentum may be much higher than this figure

hongdaofu, CEO of ibian petro, another wind turbine manufacturer, also believes that there are obvious signs of recovery in the wind power industry. The current growth rate is about 7%, but the growth rate will reach 25% in oneortwo years. The whole machine manufacturers told us that their orders were rising. Guodian also said that the problems would be solved during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and many good news were coming one after another

unlike photovoltaic market sales in Europe, China has become the world's largest manufacturer and installer of wind power equipment since 2009. In 2011, the installed capacity of wind power in China increased by 18 GW, accounting for 40% of the global total increment. By the end of 2011, various crises hit and many enterprises closed down. Now, driven by policies, the troubled wind power industry has finally begun a difficult recovery


China's wind power industry has experienced a trough, and the policy changes of Chinese companies last year are one of the reasons

at the beginning of last year, China's wind turbines suffered from frequent accidents. First, in February, 598 typhoon turbines of the Jiuquan wind farm of China power group were decoupled, with a loss of 840000 kW, accounting for 54.4% of the wind power output in Jiuquan before the accident. In April, another accident occurred in Jiuquan wind power base, with thousands of turbines decoupled and a loss of 1.535 million KW

after investigation, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission believed that many wind turbines currently in operation do not have low voltage ride through capability, so they are easy to be disconnected in case of power failure. The above accidents made the power company believe that the wind turbines must have low voltage ride through capability. Therefore, in May of that year, the wind turbines installed in the national power transmission document must have low-voltage ride through function, and the transformation of the old units needs to be completed in October of that year, and the new installation has been temporarily stopped

after last May, the installation of most new units stopped, and manufacturers are transforming the problem of low-voltage ride through. However, by July and August this year, these transformations were basically completed, so there was another wave of installation of new units. Zheng Qinghao said to him that now many enterprises' contracts have also begun to be delivered, and more orders are pouring in, because the production capacity is limited during the meeting with Elbegdorj, and the factory starts working 24 hours, sometimes it is difficult to meet the needs of customers

it is understood that Rittal is the world's largest supplier of wind turbine cabinet system products, accounting for more than 60% of the Chinese market share. Dr. Zheng Qinghao said that wind power products account for 16% of the company's total sales, and front-line enterprises such as Goldwind technology are their customers. With the growth of wind turbine installation in the second half of this year, the proportion of wind power products will be further expanded

we have just invested 5million euros to establish a new R & D center. Hongdaofu, CEO of Ebian pipette, said that he believed that the growth rate of the wind power market would be raised next year. Now is the time for investment layout. This year, the company's sales in China reached 1.5 billion yuan, while it accounted for 70% of the market share in the field of wind power converters

in his view, the wind power market was depressed in the past year, which mainly encountered three major problems. First, there was a combination of problems. The installation of wind turbines increased sharply, but the acceptance of electricity was very limited, resulting in contradictions; Second, wind power has encountered technical problems. For example, offshore wind power technology is not perfect, resulting in shorter service life; Third, under the impact of the financial crisis, many wind power enterprises have encountered financing problems

although there are some unknowns, the support for wind power in national policies is very strong, which means that with the promotion of the country, the above problems will always be solved, which is only a matter of time. Hongdaofu said that he said that according to the plan, the installed capacity of wind power will be 200 GW by 2020, which is more than four times that of photovoltaic, but in fact, there are predictions that the installed capacity will far exceed the government's expectations, and may reach 300 GW

recently, the government's support for wind power is still in force. At the end of October, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration recently announced the catalogue of special environmental subsidies for the second batch of renewable energy tariff surcharges, which have their own characteristics and are applicable. Among the more than 300 subsidized power generation projects, 239 are wind power projects, of which only 14 are solar power generation


overcapacity has caused civil war among wind power enterprises, and the industry downturn of more than a year has swept many enterprises out

two years ago, there were more than 80 wind turbine manufacturers, but now there are only about 30 left, and many enterprises have been eliminated. Zhang Yanming, the wind power industry manager of Weitu company, said that he said that this is only the complete machine manufacturers, and the number of spare parts manufacturers is more than thousands, so their situation is even more difficult. After 2009, many enterprises began to enter the wind power industry, which was overcrowded for a time, and the price war began, In 2009, the wind power equipment price laboratory per kilowatt hour should use appropriate methods and procedures to carry out all testing work and other relevant business activities within its scope of responsibility (including the sampling, disposal, transmission, storage and preparation of samples is 6500 yuan, which has now fallen to 3500 yuan.

Zhang Yanming said that before the financial crisis, wind power has maintained a high-speed development, and after 2009, the country issued a 4trillion economic stimulus plan. At that time, many people called new energy, including wind power, the fourth industrial revolution. At that time, a large number of capital inflows, wind power became hot, and then it entered Entered an irrational stage of development

the person in charge of an enterprise engaged in wind power production in Nantong, Jiangsu, said that the wind power industry has fallen into a state of chaos in the past two years. In order to compete with large enterprises for the market, small and medium-sized enterprises have tried repeatedly to survive by using price as a killer mace. In the face of the impact, large enterprises have also fought against each other. The price war has made the profits of the wind power industry decline all the way, and many enterprises have fallen into losses

the new loser is Sany Heavy Industry, an enterprise originally engaged in heavy machinery manufacturing, which also set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2008 to specialize in wind power manufacturing. At present, industrial parks have been established in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Tongyu, Jilin and Luxi, Yunnan. Liang Wengen, chairman of the group, said at the beginning that he would rank among the top ten in wind power equipment manufacturing within a few years, but now these bold words have been broken by the cruel reality

a Sany electric person said that now most of the factories in these industrial parks are in the state of semi shutdown, and at least more than half of the workers have left. Sany Electric is an enterprise in the whole industrial chain. It produces complete machines, blades, booster engines, generators, main controllers, pitch, inverter, bearings and even special equipment for offshore wind power construction, which leads to huge investment and can't turn back now

previously, it was reported that Sany electric had invested 3.15 billion yuan in wind power by 2011, but Sany Electric has not made a profit. It is reported that Sany has lost more than 300million yuan

at the beginning, foreign capital also came to us for negotiation to enter the field of wind power equipment manufacturing, but we gave up after investigating the market. An executive of Liuzhou heavy industry told this newspaper that he believes that the wind power market has been saturated. In addition to the traditional top ten companies such as Goldwind technology, Sinovel wind power, Shanghai Electric and Dongfang Electric, it is difficult for other new entrants to survive

according to Zhang Yanming, the market has also experienced a reshuffle in the past two years, and the understanding of wind power has begun to return to rationality. He said that previously, some complete machine manufacturers only looked at the purchase cost and tried to choose low-cost accessories, which also led to uneven quality of complete machines on the market, and the attitude of some enterprises has quietly changed since this year. After several wind power accidents last year, people began to pay attention to quality and service life, and many enterprises began to choose accessories manufacturers of large brands

the change now is that enterprises have changed from a price war to a war of quality and technology. Those manufacturers with low prices and poor quality will continue to be eliminated. Zhang Yanming said


in addition to the excess factors in the industry, the estrangement between power generation groups, power companies and ministries and commissions has become another resistance to the wind power industry

a person from Guodian Longyuan Power said that although the installed capacity of wind power in China has increased significantly in the past few years, which is the largest in the world, it accounts for only 3% of China's total power generation, but the real proportion is only 1%. Many power stations still have to wait a long time to merge after being approved by the state. Some power stations of Longyuan Power in Inner Mongolia and other places are idling, losing tens of millions of yuan every year

another person from a power company engaged in wind power said to, as for the reason of idling, the power company always pretends that the power construction lags behind, mainly because the power company is unwilling to set up special lines for wind power with very small power generation, which is obviously a loss making business. In addition, the power company also said that if the input of wind energy, photovoltaic and other power generation accounts for more than 15% of the power, it will cause power instability, This is just a kind of excuse. This problem basically does not exist, because wind power generation in the Netherlands exceeds 50%, and there has been no problem of power instability

this person believes that the main reason why power companies are unwilling to receive wind power is that this business is basically unprofitable. At present, China implements the establishment of wind power benchmark electricity price according to resource areas. The country is divided into four types of wind energy resource areas, and the subsidy price is about 0.5 yuan to 0.6 yuan per kWh, while the power generation cost of wind power is between 0.7 yuan to 0.8 yuan, and the price of thermal power is 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan, Hydropower is cheaper, only about 0.18 yuan, so power companies receive a lot of wind power, and even with subsidies, they make little money, while thermal power and hydropower make a lot of profits

even after the merger, power companies are still facing the problem of subsidies being defaulted. Previously, the industry estimated that hundreds of millions of yuan of subsidies were defaulted on wind power. The above person said that he said that at present, it is the national development and Reform Commission and the energy administration that approve the project of wind power stations, while the Ministry of finance pays for subsidies, and the power companies receive electricity. The gap between multiple departments makes power generation enterprises miserable, and the subsidies are seriously in arrears

according to a person from a local power company, generally speaking, the power generation capacity of wind farms and the input flow of electricity are reported by enterprises themselves, which cannot be supervised, and there is no third-party organization to evaluate, which leads to the Ministry of Finance in order to prevent power generation enterprises from swindling money, the review of subsidies is strict, even if there are some minor problems, they may not be able to get subsidies, and become bad debts over time. So now wind power plants are basically making huge losses. Only central and state-owned enterprises invest in wind power plants, and private enterprises have completely disappeared

now their attitude is to try not to give you a merger if they can, and try to delay if they can default on subsidies. The above-mentioned power company official said that he believed that although new energy such as wind power has received policy support, it is difficult to implement it in place today when coal power and hydropower are still relatively low prices. He said that if the state does not stipulate that large power generation groups must generate electricity from non petrochemical energy in 2020

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