The hottest wind power photovoltaic boom continues

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The continuous boom of wind power and photovoltaic brings opportunities to the power bureau.

the reduction of wind power price stimulates the continuous rush to install. The state plans to realize wind power parity in 2020, and we expect that the electricity price will be reduced by a small number of times. Under the expectation of price reduction, the annual new installed capacity will maintain a steady and high growth rate due to the continuous rush to install. We expect the installed capacity to be 25.5gw in 2015, with a year-on-year increase of about 20%

in the long run, wind power will become the first new energy to achieve upper parity and has the potential to become the main energy. The electricity price of wind power is only 20% higher than that of thermal power, and the cost of kilowatt hour electricity still has great room for decline. We predict that the kWh cost of wind power will be reduced to the same level as that of thermal power around 2020. Without subsidies, the electronic tensile testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system, computer and other structures, and enters the stage of independent development

we recommend Goldwind technology, the leader of wind power equipment, and China's high-speed transmission, the leader of the gearbox industry. It is suggested to pay attention to Tianshun wind energy, which is transformed into wind power development, and Huayi Electric, which has continuously improved its performance

photovoltaic: highlight financial attributes, and recommend transformation companies with strong financing and financial innovation capabilities. Photovoltaic power stations are similar to fixed income products, with stable cash flow and high return on investment; In 2014, its financial attribute was widely recognized by the capital market. With the downturn of the real economy and the scarcity of high-quality assets, a large number of financial and industrial capital poured into photovoltaic operations, and a variety of financial instruments were used for power station financing

there are two major events in the power system in 2015, one is the reform of the power system, and the other is the change of leadership. The reform of power system is a process of redistribution of interests. We believe that hydropower, direct power purchase users and local power distribution enterprises are the main bodies of interest inflow. In the power equipment industry, we suggest paying attention to companies that have close relations with local governments and power companies and are ready to transform into the field of power distribution, such as Chint electric appliance, Beijing Kerui, etc

new investment ideas may emerge after the change of leadership in China. The new direction is likely to focus on new energy: the UHV used for new energy transmission has risen to the national level, and the investment should not change; Electric energy storage for new energy access may be the next key investment direction under the endless innovation. Key companies: Goldwind technology, rainbow precision, Linyang electronics, Aikang technology, Tianshun wind energy

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