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Wind power tightening: a new batch of project planning has been reduced by nearly half

the blind development of the wind power industry has led to relative overcapacity, which has once again attracted the attention of the National Energy Authority

recently, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on printing and distributing the approval plan of the second batch of wind power projects in the 12th Five Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as the notice), requiring that the projects with sufficient preliminary work and implementation of power access conditions be included in the second batch of wind power projects to be approved in the 12th Five Year Plan, with a total of 14.92 million KW

it was learned that compared with the approved scale of 28.83 million kW in the first batch of wind power planning of the 12th Five year plan released in August last year, the planned approved project plan this time decreased by 1391 kW, a decrease of nearly 50%

last year, the new installed capacity of wind power fell month on month

Li Shengmao, a senior researcher of CIC consulting, told the daily economy: "the notice on the approval plan of the second batch of wind power projects in the 12th Five Year Plan issued by the national Energy Administration shows that the national competent authorities continue to adhere to the regulation tone of controlling the pace of wind power development, and the impact of excess installed capacity of wind power may continue to ferment."

according to the data released by the China Wind Energy Association at the end of March this year, in 2011, China (excluding Taiwan) installed 11409 new wind turbines with an installed capacity of 17630.9 MW. A total of 45894 wind turbines were installed with an installed capacity of 62364.2 MW, an annual increase of 39.4%. The installed capacity of each province is ranked as Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Gansu, Liaoning, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Jiangsu, basically distributed according to China's eight ten million kilowatt wind power bases

previously, the National Energy Administration issued an urgent document requiring the provincial (District, municipal) development and reform commissions to strictly implement the approval plan for wind power projects. In principle, new wind power construction projects should not be arranged in areas where wind power abandonment exceeds 20%. At the national "two sessions" last month, Premier Wen Jiabao also pointed out in the government work report that we should "stop the blind expansion of solar energy, wind power and other industries"

the national energy administration also pointed out that all regions should carry out project approval in strict accordance with the approval plan issued. Without the advantages of high integration, stability and reliability, and convenient use, unplanned wind power projects should be approved without authorization. For projects that are not included in the wind power approval plan, power enterprises will not accept and operate the first phase of Zhonghao new chemical materials base project, and will not be able to enjoy the electricity price subsidy of the National Renewable Energy Development Fund

in view of the difficult consumption of wind power, the serious problem of wind abandonment, and the low utilization rate of wind energy, Li Shengmao believes that the current development of new energy industry, including wind power industry, cannot fully rely on the market, and needs government support and subsidies. In this case, there are many control means that government departments can use, such as wind power on-board microcomputer full-automatic impact testing machine, which is relatively expensive Wind farm land approval, power access, etc

According to the data in early August this year, the total installed capacity of new wind power in China decreased slightly in 2011 compared with that in 2010, which is also the first turning point after five consecutive years of continuous warming since 2005. The utilization hours of the five power generation groups also showed negative growth. Except Datang, the utilization hours were basically reduced by about 200 hours, and Huadian reduced nearly 500 hours

vigorously promote wind power and consumption projects

"at present, the main difficulty faced by wind power enterprises is the overcapacity of the industry, and the market has also changed from the previous seller's market to the buyer's market, which has brought a series of problems, such as the decline of product prices, excessive accounts receivable, etc." Li Shengmao said

many industry researchers believe that China's wind power financing environment may have improved in 2012, but it is still tight on the whole. In the case of financing difficulties, reducing costs has become the first choice for wind power investment enterprises

according to the plan of the national energy administration, large and super large wind farms will be built in the "Three North" (northwest, northern North China and northeast) and other areas rich in wind resources in the next few years, and Research on power transmission and market consumption will be carried out simultaneously. At the same time, promote the development of resources in low wind speed areas, build small and medium-sized wind farms according to local conditions, use low-speed fans, and consume locally. In remote areas, wind power should be developed according to local conditions

it is noteworthy that the national energy administration has begun to arrange and promote wind power and consumption demonstration projects, totaling 1million kW, including Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Xinjiang 11 projects in four provinces of Gansu

it is understood that the above demonstration includes demonstration projects such as wind storage integration, wind power heating, inter provincial power consumption, wind fire joint commissioning demonstration, wind power and gas turbine joint commissioning demonstration, wind and solar complementary, wind power and high load joint operation

Li Shengmao believes that "wind power is an important part of the new energy industry and plays an important role in the future world energy structure. In the long run, it undoubtedly has good development prospects, especially in the parity of wind power and after the completion of smart power construction, its advantages will gradually become prominent."

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