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The wind power industry ushers in a bright spring, spawning a 280billion equipment market

China's sustained large-scale air pollution has made the adjustment of energy structure very urgent, and the development of new energy such as wind power has once again entered the fast lane

recently, China United Business Daily learned from the national energy administration station that the national energy administration has launched a new batch of approved construction plans for wind power with a total installed capacity of 27.6 million KW. According to official data, nearly 60% of the audited wind power projects of more than 100million kW are still in the state of not being started or under construction

insiders pointed out that this means that according to the target of 100million kilowatts of domestic wind power installed in 2015 proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan, the pace of domestic wind power installation will accelerate this year and next, which will generate more than 280 billion yuan of equipment demand space. Wind power equipment manufacturers who encountered a large area of order shortage in the past are expected to usher in an order tide

wind power industry ushers in a bright spring

Wang Sicheng, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said that 30 years later, China will face a situation in which there is no coal to dig, no oil to mine, and no gas to open. The only way to change this situation is to transform energy. Clean energy such as wind power will be vigorously developed in the next 20 to 30 years

in view of this, since 2011, the national energy administration has begun to formulate an approval plan for wind power projects. The approved scale of the first three batches of wind power is 26.83 million KW, 16.76 million kW (followed by 8.52 million KW) and 27.97 million KW respectively. So far, the cumulative scale of wind power projects to be approved since the 12th Five Year Plan has exceeded 100million kW

however, due to the serious situation of wind power abandonment and curtailment in the three northern regions, the wind power industry is chilly, and nearly 60% of them are still in the state of not being started or under construction. They have doubts about whether the country should develop wind power or not, and their confidence in industrial development is deeply affected

in February this year, Wu Xinxiong, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, presided over a series of special meetings on the implementation of air pollution prevention, which clearly proposed to accelerate the development of clean energy such as wind power and improve the energy structure

the proposed approved capacity of the fourth batch of wind power of 27.6 million KW has greatly exceeded the industry's expectations, giving the industry a clear signal that the state will continue to promote and vigorously support the development of wind power. Yi Yuechun, deputy chief engineer of the General Institute of hydropower and water resources planning and design and executive deputy director of the national renewable energy information management center, said

it is particularly noteworthy that Yi Yuechun told that in the fourth batch of plans, the proportion of construction scale in central, Eastern and southern China has further increased, reaching about 60% of the total national construction scale of this batch. In particular, the annual construction scale of Hunan Province has reached 2million kW, making it a key province for wind power development in Central China. It can be said that wind power in central and eastern China and southern China has officially entered the stage of large-scale development, and the optimization effect of industrial layout is obvious

various signs show that the wind power industry is coming out of the bottom, and the warming trend is obvious. According to the data of the national energy administration, in 2013, the new wind power capacity in China was 14.49 million KW, with a cumulative capacity of 77.16 million KW, an increase of 23% year-on-year; The annual power generation was 134.9 billion kwh, an increase of 34% year-on-year; The utilization hours of wind power reached 2074 hours, an increase of 184 hours year-on-year; The average wind abandonment rate is 11%, 6 percentage points lower than that in 2012

in the future, with the strengthening of wind power development in the Middle East and inland regions, the acceleration of the construction of wind power transmission channels, the acceleration of atmospheric pollution control, the adjustment of the energy industrial structure, and the utilization of renewable energy, especially wind power, will be further strengthened.12 Net quantity of machine: about 650kg. Yi Yuechun said so

generate 280billion yuan equipment market

with the support of various government policies, the overall positive trend of the wind power industry gradually appears, and it is also transmitted to the upstream industry. It is understood that the bidding pace of wind power projects of the five major domestic power groups last year was significantly faster than that in previous years. For example, in September last year, Huadian Group carried out bundling bidding for wind power projects with a total capacity of 950000 kW. The bidding volume of Huaneng Group in the third quarter was about 1million kW, and CPI also carried out public bidding for projects with a total capacity of more than 400000 kW in the fourth quarter. In the third quarter of 2012, the new bidding volume nationwide was only about 1.4 million KW, which was less than the bidding volume of Huadian and Huaneng in the third quarter of last year

different from the situation in which the bidding volume increased in the past and the bidding price of equipment went from bad to worse, a market tracking data report showed that the bidding price of wind power bidding projects last year had increased from 3600 yuan/kW, a historical low in 2011, to about 3900 yuan/kW

data from the National Energy Administration shows that since 2011, the approval scale of wind power projects in the 12th Five Year Plan has accumulated more than 100million kW. However, according to the figures released by the national energy administration, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power projects under construction nationwide has reached 60.23 million KW, and most of these projects are not tendered

according to the researcher of China Merchants Securities (600999, Guba), according to the data provided by relevant enterprises, as of the end of June last year, about 60% of the 90.4 million KW projects approved by the state in the first three batches had not been invited for bidding or started construction, that is, 54 million KW. Assuming that 10million kilowatts were started in the second half of last year, plus the 27.6 million kilowatts this time, it means that by the end of 2013, the wind power projects that have been approved but have not been started will reach about 72 million kilowatts. This figure will be built in 2014 and 2015, the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

according to the rough calculation, if the current average bidding price level of domestic wind power projects is 3900 yuan/kW, the new installed capacity of 72 million KW will mean that more than 280 billion yuan of equipment demand space will be generated in the next two years, which is undoubtedly a blessing after the long drought for wind power equipment manufacturers who have experienced a large area of order shortage in the past

various advantages have been reflected in the performance of leading wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises last year. On February 26, Goldwind Technology (002202, Guba) released and the 2013 annual performance express showed that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies during the reporting period was 428million yuan, while at the beginning of 2015, it increased by 179.41% year-on-year, nearly 1.8 times. For the better performance of the above financial data, Goldwind said that it was mainly due to the increase in wind turbine sales and gross profit margin in 2013

according to the preliminary statistics of China Wind Energy Association, Goldwind technology added 3.6 GW of wind power installed capacity in 2013, accounting for 22.5% of the new wind power installed capacity in China. Industry insiders believe that the shipment volume of Goldwind technology performed well. In addition to the construction of projects in low wind speed areas in the south, the construction of large wind power bases such as Hami began in the second half of last year, which also played a positive role

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