Blood ink of the hottest inkjet printer

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Ink-jet printer blood ink with the rapid development of the IT industry, a variety of graphic output devices are also dazzling, but as an old powerful force in graphic output devices, ink-jet printers will remain an important partner for your success in the next decade. Now users have put forward higher requirements for printers in terms of appearance, printing quality and stability of performance. That is, it not only requires the high quality of image and text output and the wide adaptability of printing media, but also pays more attention to the quality stability and fast and convenient use of the whole printing system. People should consider whether they can adapt to the working pressure environment when making printers! The careful use of ink, which plays a key role in print quality, is often ignored. Even abuse ink. In fact, in the whole printing system, ink is not only an important part of the printer, but also the heart and blood of the printer, which plays a vital role in the printing quality and the stability of the whole product

at present, the printer market is full of cheap ink filling, which is equivalent to drinking poison to quench thirst. Although cheap ink can also be used, it greatly endangers the "health" of the printer. First of all, the quality of cheap ink cannot be guaranteed. The chemical composition is unstable and may react with the remaining raw ink to produce toxic chemical composition, which is harmful to the environment and the health of users. Secondly, the viscosity, density and other physical properties of many cheap inks are quite different from those of the original ink. Printing defects such as blocked nozzles, broken ink, multi ink and unstable coloring will appear during printing, which will seriously affect the quality and speed of printing. In addition, after long-term and short-term shutdown, the residual ink of wiping all parts of the equipment and molds with clean gauze will erode other related system components of the printer, such as chemical reaction with the cover pen rubber of the server, corrosion of the cover pen rubber, oxidation of the conductive sheet forming the print head, etc. Make the whole printer lose its printing performance. Pay higher costs for the repair of printers

the overall consistency of the ink and its matching ink cartridge and print head is the guarantee of the best print quality. In particular, for the integrated design of the ordinary concrete mechanical property experimental method gb/t50081 (2) 002 ink cartridge, the control of the ink drop size, spraying speed and frequency is concentrated on the ink cartridge, which requires the structural design and program control of the unique ink cartridge and print head to make the output image and text edge smooth transition, gray level and gradient smooth, and the image and text quality lifelike. At the same time, avoid printing defects, such as distorted image point size, insufficient density, rough mixed graphics and text, etc

as the blood of printer to maintain life, ink plays a vital role in your printing use, so carefully select the printer, and adhere to the use of high-quality printer ink, such as Qimei ink 7.2 elongation at break or yield elongation to ε T (%) indicates

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